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SV Henna Cone

‘SV Henna Cone’ is a scientifically designed applicator filled with our Henna Dye goodness to apply Henna in the smoothest, simplest and most stylish way. 


The supremely sieved Henna powder is formulated into a magical paste ready to be applied onto the skin for diffusion. The formulation consists of Henna pigment-tanning molecules tiny enough to swiftly penetrate and diffuse through the skin pores in order to absorb maximum Henna goodness.


This natural dye temporarily marks the skin, leaving a beautiful dark design residue 

‘Maroony Wine Colour – SV Speciality!’

Whats unique about SV Henna cones? 


We select the best range of Henna leaves; central vein, petioles of the Henna leaves are concentrated with highest degree of Lawsone (red-orange pigment) responsible for developing the darkest stain on the treated skin. Moreover, the younger leaves that SV picks up with care have certainly a very high concentration of Lawsone compared to the older ones. 


100% Natural. SV’s Henna formula is safe and scientific. Our best secret formula assures consistency and longevity of colour and design.


SV crushes and grinds those high quality selected leaves to the finest powder, followed by, a supreme standard sieving and then filtering process. Quality ingredients churn the power into SV’s crystal clear Henna for a flawless application. 


The cone-size is so devised that it can be comfortably held like a pen in your hand – A perfect SV Illusion! 

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