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Train with an Industry Leader

Sweta Vajir’s exclusive henna training programme has quickly proved to be a hit among aspiring henna artists for over 10 years. Our renowned SV Henna Course is in-depth, hands-on and concise, allowing you to grow your skills and could even provide a foundation to begin an exciting career in henna. 

Our SV Henna Course has broken down the intricate art of henna into fun and easy to learn steps, giving you all the skills, courage and inspiration you need. Whether you are a complete beginner or have some knowledge on henna, we build the right grounding foundation for you to become a professional confident henna artist. 


We are also delighted to provide continuous aftercare to help you along your new journey. 








Duration: 4 Day Practical Course (3 day face-to-face session, followed by a portfolio building assignment and 1 day virtual review and own brand building session).

Course Breakdown: 

  1. Tricks of the trade to perfect henna cone making and learning the basic shapes and fillers to build the right grounding foundation

  2. Learn SV signature veil and bridal designs 

  3. Learn a variety of different henna styles including Bridal Henna, Indian Henna, Arabic Henna, Mandala Henna, Shading Henna, Inverse Henna, 3D Henna, festival Henna and henna tattoos.

  4. Learn to create your own henna designs and various secret tricks of the trade

  5. Portfolio building and presentation 



Price: £549


Course Time: 9am - 5pm 


Location: London




  • A brief overview of the history and biology of henna

  • How to make a high quality henna paste and aftercare solutions

  • The SV secrets to achieving a dark maroon henna stain

  • How to make the professional, easy to hold henna applicators

  • Various techniques in to hold and control the henna applicator comfortably             

  • Professional techniques and SV signature designs including Bridal Henna Designs, Indian Henna Designs, Arabic Henna Designs, Shading Henna Designs, Inverse Henna Designs, 3D Henna Designs, Festival Henna Designs and Tattoo Henna Designs

  • How to structure and join patterns to make them flow in an artistic way and compliment the hand    

  • How to enhance your henna designs with different glitter and crystal application techniques 

  • How to create your own unique designs from your own inspiration 

  • Techniques on overcoming creative block when designing your own henna designs

  • The most up-to-date trends and advanced techniques in the henna industry

Copy of Henna artist london .gif

DAY 1 

  • Brief history, biology and background information of henna 

  • The henna colour and ingredients theory

  • Health, hygiene & safety in relation to henna 

  • Client consultation techniques and skin analyzing procedures 

  • Preparing, planning, treating and aftercare procedures for henna 

  • Method of preparing a henna recipe that guarantees a dark maroon colour stain 

  • Method of making a professional and long lasting henna applicator and cone

  • Varies techniques to hold and control a henna cone 

  • Learn a variety of basic patterns and filler designs to help build the best grounding foundation

  • Learn the art of henna pressure to create 3D henna effects 

Copy of Henna Artist London.jpg

DAY 2 

  • How to start and finish henna designs in a professional manner

  • Structuring and the art of planning a henna design and learning the art of how shapes fit together and connect to create a complete professional henna design 

  • Learn and create the SV signature henna veil design 

  • Learn and create the SV signature bridal henna design 

Copy of Henna artist london .gif


  • Learn and practise a variety different henna designs and styles: 

    • Bridal Henna 

    • Indian Henna

    • Arabic Henna

    • Mandala Henna 

    • Shading Henna 

    • 3D Henna 

    • Inverse Henna  

    • Festival Henna 

    • Henna tattoos​

  • Learn how to build on from simple designs to make them more detailed 

  • Learn the art of planning a complex henna design

  • Learn to create your own unique henna design from your own inspiration and creativity 

  • Techniques on overcoming creative block when designing your own henna designs

  • Learn the most current trends and advanced techniques in the henna industry

  • How to enhance your henna designs with different glitter and crystal application techniques 

  • Learn time managing skills and tricks of the trade, such as time management and correcting mistakes

  • Henna portfolio building home assignment to help you build your brand



Our final day will involve an online session to help assess where you are at and to review your portfolio building assignment. This session is critical because we believe the way we teach makes it easy for you to learn the techniques but then you need to practise to get to a professional level. And therefore this portfolio building assignment and review is very vital to ensure:

  • You are growing in the right direction

  • We can correct and guide you along the way 

  • You have the opportunity to ask any questions and review your work 

  • We can offer the right support and guidance to build your own henna brand 


There are no course requirements for this course. You do not need an art background but you must have the willingness to learn. 


If you have some experience in henna then we still recommend this course because you need the right grounding foundation to be able to create our SV signature henna veil and bridal henna designs. Remember a solid foundation is key to success.  


After completing our SV Henna course you will be awarded our SV Professional Henna Certificate. You will then be prepped, primed and perfectly shaped for entry into the world of henna art - achieving your career goal one henna hand at a time. 


We like to treat our students like our family. So after submitting your henna portfolio on the 4th day, if you have any questions and or need support, a member of our team will be available to answer your queries anytime within the 6 months of start date. Thus, after completing the course we are here to support and guide you if you ever feel lost. 



Please contact us below for further information such as courses dates, locations and bookings. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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