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The art of threading


Eyebrow Threading Courses

Threading is a skillful technique of removing rows of unwanted facial hair with a twist of 100% cotton thread, by a hand method.

Our simple, easy to learn teaching techniques mean, anyone can learn and perfect the art of threading.

Advantages of Threading:

  • Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, shaping the eyebrows can emphasis the eyes and add characteristics to the face.
  • Eyebrows are one of the few features that can be changed, corrected and radically improved by a very simple, quick and chemical free method called 'Threading', removing even fine hairs.
  • By removing these excess hairs the skin becomes more suitable for eye makeup to be applied and to blend the eye shadow
  • No need to strip the Superficial (Top) Layer of the skin like waxing does which over the time causes ageing
  • Takes hair out of the roots decreases growth
  • Can create a defined straight line for definite shape
  • Quicker than plucking individual hairs and can do it on yourself

Threading academy


Learn how to thread in the most simplest way. Teaching everything from beginners basic to advanced professional level.

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