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Bridal Henna


Bridal Henna and Bridal Mehndi

Pre-henna and mehndi service

Manicure, Pedicure and body treatments to prepare the artists canvas for maximum bridal Henna and Mehndi absorption. The artist must have a clean canvas.

We will use our specially designed products to create a perfect ‘Oil on Canvas’. The artists impressions will sing the song of beauty only if the surface is prepped properly. At Sweta Vajir we offer special discounted bridal henna and bridal mehndi packages that include a range of pre-henna services.

How it works
  • Our one-to-one intense consultation, takes into consideration every aspect of the Henna-application
  • We deliver expert advice about the selection of designs that would suit your needs
  • We diagnose, scan and digitally capture your hand size and shape
Supreme consultation (optional)
  • Bridal Henna and Mehndi Photo Album presentation
  • Clients Ideas and Preferences
  • Photo of Henna canvas (Photo Capturing) & Measure Henna Canvas Area (hand/feet)
  • We then design a brand new pattern taking into account all other factors that govern the special occasion
  • Final bridal mehndi and henna design
  • Client can have a glimpse of our premeditated digitally tailored design

Seasonal designs

Cutting edge seasonal designs in tune with the current fashion trends.

Before & after care speciality:

Exclusive pre and post-care booster products and services accelerate and guarantee a deep-rooted colour.


Our Colour Patch Test will satisfy and reassure you the best 'marronly wine' optimum colour.

Sneak preview:

Our CAD (computer aided design) presentation, allows bride to preview and modify a digitally mastered Henna design well in advance of their special occasion

Unique designs:

Bespoke designs; each gentle curve in the design of Henna is a work of Art. We at SV have perfected this art and ensure that our intricate designs have attention to detail without a flaw.

Henna tattoos


Hand and body tattooing and glamorizing options for a night out, feel good factor or for a any occasion.

SV’s seasonal Temporary tattoo options of:

Henna TAT
  • Hot and sexy designs
Glitter Henna TAT
  • Going for a party night out. Special occasion?
  • Tired of the usual accessories?
  • Want to make unique personalised tailored mark to match your personality and outfit?
  • Going out and want to create a wristband/necklace. Match it up to your special occasion outfit by allowing us to create a jewellery-look design.
Accessorize henna TAT
  • Diamond Gems – Enhance Henna with final touch of swetaroski diamond gems and SV Glitter Sprinkles.
Seasonal designs

SV launches Cutting edge, seasonal and tailor made designs. Our SV signatured selection can be customised your likes.


Our Colour Patch Test will satisfy, assure and guarantee a deep-rooted colour and long lasting glitter tat.


With our variety of additional accessories, there will always be numerous ways of enhancing the henna even further.

henna tattoos


Supreme consultation
One-to-one bridal consultation
Price: Free
Bridal henna (from)
Price: £100.00
Henna tattoos (from)
Price: £5.00
Henna accessories (from)
Price: £0.50
Glitter henna tattoos (from)
Price: £6.00

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