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Indian Bridal Makeap and Asian Bridal Hair

Asian and indian bridal makeup and hairstyle needs to make you look beautiful, confident and radiant. At Sweta Vajir, together with the bride, we choose the best makeup and hairstyles that accentuates your best features, for both the wedding day and photos.

Experimentation of customised indian and asian bridal makeup and hairstyle to satisfy clients before the special day of styling.

We believe in perfection and always take consideration of the slightest details. Important factors we consider include your colourings and facial structure, weddings colour theme and style, cultural traditions, time of ceremony, individual preferences and much more!

Your asian and indian bridal makeup and hairstyles will always greatly depend on your individual taste and features. At SV we want your memories to transcend the latest fashion trends, in opting for timeless classic looks that won’t go out date for your bridal photographs.


A superb makeup artist gives you a makeup application that looks as good in photos as it does in real life.


Our hairstylists are professionals who have much experience working with various hair types, texture and most importantly lengths.

Before & after care:

We provide you with all the before and aftercare advice to ensure a longer lasting and best quality makeup application.


Full bridal service

Make-up, Hairstyling & Saree draping for Engagement / Wedding / Reception:
Price: £400.00

Bridal trial

Experimentation of customised makeup and hairstyle to satisfy clients before the special day of styling.
Price: £70.00

Makeover for friends/family members (prices per person)

Make Up
Price: £45.00

Eyelash Application: £20.00 (Lashes Included)

Price: £45.00

Saree Draping
Price: £15.00

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